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Most Popular Rental Equipment Rentals for Fall

Most Popular Rental Equipment Rentals for Fall

Isn’t it amazing how fast the to-do list grows during the summer? Now, with the peak of summer behind and fall looming in the distance, it may seem impossible to accomplish all of the jobs that have found their way onto your growing list. Renting the equipment you need is an excellent way to knock things off your list one by one. By renting, you are getting professional quality tools that are tailor-made for the specific jobs that you require. As fall approaches, the most popular rental choices that can help you are as follows:

  • When dealing with dead and fallen trees, chainsaws and wood chippers can make short work of any trimming or tree removal needs. The chipper will help you to quickly eliminate any yard waste. The useful mulch that you will gain in return, can help offset the cost of the rental. Follow through with a log splitter to handle the remaining wood and a stump grinder that can effectively break up a troublesome stump and you’ll regain a portion of your lawn.
  • For fall lawn maintenance, rent a de-thatcher (also known as a power rake) to remove old dead grass, leaves and thatch. Next, rent an aerator to keep your soil from compacting. Follow up with a seeder to fill in bare spots and bring your lawn back to lush life when spring comes.
  • As your garden winds down for the year, rent a tiller to prepare the soil for spring.
  • For the heavy lifting, a Bobcat can help with many hauling and excavating projects.
  • Trying to finish up your painting projects? Think safety and rent the right equipment for the job. Scaffolding or lifts can help you get the job done much safer and quicker than working from a ladder. Also, as you paint, an airless paint sprayer is the perfect tool to help wrap up those final painting projects before the cold weather hits.
  • If you plan on putting up a fence before winter, an auger can make digging for posts much easier. Additionally, augurs can make the tedious job of planting multiple trees and shrubs a snap.
  • Finish up all of your fall projects with a good clean up and rent a pressure washer. In most cases, you can finish up any number of cleaning tasks within a one day rental, using this Jack-of-all-trades tool

When you rent the equipment you need for your fall projects, you’ll be using professional quality tools at a fraction of the cost, over purchasing. Additionally, you won’t have to store or maintain any of it. This means you’ll be saving storage space in your shed or garage. Factor in the added benefit of expert advice, and you’ll see that this is a combination that is hard to beat.