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DIY Painting Tips for High Ceilings

DIY Painting Tips for High Ceilings

Decorating any home comes with several challenges. While it’s hard enough to pick a color, it can be even harder to get that same color on a wall that’s over 18 feet. Hiring a professional can be expensive and is most likely not worth the price, unless the ceiling is really high. Therefore, unless you live in a mansion follow the tips in this article to learn more about how you can paint the wall yourself safely and without breaking the bank.

When painting a high ceiling, it’s crucial to plan and prepare for the method in which you intend to use to paint the higher surfaces in the room. For starters, consider using a ladder to reach those high spaces. In most cases, a 26-foot ladder will be sufficient. However, make sure to use the appropriate ladder. Look for a half day’s rental on a multi-function, platform, or stepladder that’s tall enough for you to complete your project. Your local hardware store will have plenty of options on hand for you to consider using. Don’t rent a ladder that’s too short to the point that you overextend yourself. Make sure it can hold your weight and never stand on the top step. If you are planning to paint the ceiling or need to remain stationary for a long period of time, consider using scaffolding in place of the ladder. Scaffolds are beneficial when working at a height for sustained periods of time as they provide a sturdy platform from which to work and it can hold all of your tools and supplies. The downside to scaffolds is that they can be difficult to move around and set up. They are also not as practical as a ladder which is why many DIYers rent them for very specific projects. Another tip to reaching those high ceilings is using an extension pole for your paint roller. Extension poles are great for hard to reach corners and they are designed to fit most brushes. If the brush doesn’t fit, attach a paintbrush to the pole with a little tape to get even tougher areas around your house.

It’s going to be a challenge moving ladders around, setting up scaffolds, and stretching your limbs as far as they can go to paint high walls within your home. While painting, try to use a paint that already has a primer built in and can do the trick in one coat. Make it easier on yourself by using high quality paint and not having to roll more than one coat onto the wall. Choose a color that’s close to the color of your ceiling so your edging appears clean. This will save time, effort, and money.

DIY painting also means doing it right. Follow these painting tips for high ceilings to make your home look like it was painted by a professional. Save some money, rent a ladder, and start painting your walls today.