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If you’d like to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with a shiny new sink and faucet, you’ll be happy to know it’s a job that can be handled by those with just a little DIY experience. Depending on the scope of the overall job, this is usually a weekender project -often finished in just a couple...

Removing wallpaper from your walls is one of the most tedious tasks you can undertake when considering redecorating the walls inside your house. Problem is you can’t stand that pea green ’60s wallpaper anymore. Well it turns out that renting a wallpaper steamer can make your job exponentially...

The functional purpose of moldings, such as baseboard, chair rail and door casings is to protect the more delicate wall materials (most commonly plaster and sheetrock) from damage. The problem is, when molding does its job, it begins to look a little shabby. Maybe the movers got a little sloppy, or...