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Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Home

Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Home

When it comes to cleaning off outdoor dirt and grime, a pressure washer is the right tool for the job. Few tools are as versatile. Whether you’re cleaning your siding, deck, lawn furniture, driveway or sidewalks, a pressure washer can do it with ease. What could effectively take hours with a rag, brush and a hose can now be done in a fraction of the time. Hard-to-reach places like shutters, fencing and lattice will no longer be a problem.

Besides the time-saving factor, there are other benefits of using a pressure washer as well. First off, in many cases nothing cleans better. Take something porous like concrete, for example. It would be difficult and nigh impossible to do the job with a scrub brush as effectively as a pressure washer. Bits of grime, mold and mildew are simply out of reach of the bristles.

Another benefit of using a pressure washer is that in many cases, no harsh chemicals are needed. As long as the surface that you are cleaning can stand up to the water pressure, then pure water is often all you’ll need.

Pressure washers are not just good at cleaning the small and in-between places that brushes cannot reach, they are also good at getting the places that you cannot reach. This is not only convenient; it’s safer than working from a ladder.

Some things to keep in mind when using a pressure washer are:

  • Be careful not to damage wood when cleaning it. Siding and decking are a good example of this. Keep the stream at a 45° angle and keep moving. Holding the stream in one place can cause scarring to the surface.
  • Don’t spray directly onto windows or other glass services, as there is a risk of breakage under pressure.
  • For oily stains in garages or on driveways there are a couple things to do before pressure washing. Soak up excess oil with kitty litter first. Next, treat the oily areas with a degreaser. After allowing a few minutes for the degreaser to do its work, it should be okay to pressure wash.
  • Keep safety in mind. Make sure to read all provided material about operating the washer safely. Avoid using a ladder, because the kickback from a pressure washer may take you off balance.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and avoid electrical hazards such as power lines and outlets.